Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography for Business It’s really important to let your customers know that they’re dealing with actual humans, particularly so when so much business is conducted wholly online. People are hard-wired by evolution to react positively to seeing other people’s faqces, so using high-quality and attractive portraits of you and your team is an excellent way to start to win potential customers over.

Stephen has shot thousands of portraits throughout his career, producing both the classical “corporate headshot” and more creative and fun portraiture when appropriate. These provide fantastic content for use on “Meet the Team” or staff bio web pages, and also serve a great purpose in creating a professional look for business networking and social media accounts such as LinkedIn.

If you’re looking to create a new website for your business, call Stephen on 01622 807867 or 07581 143145 for a chat about how a professional business portrait photoshoot could benefit you and help you acheive your sales goals.

Please take a moment to browse Stephen’s Portrait Photography portfolio to get a feel for the kind of imagery that you could soon be using.