Product Photography

Product Photography for Business If your business manufactures or sells product, then you need to present to your customers what you sell, either via a website or in a catalogue, and it is essential to use the best photographs possible in order to make your products look as desirable as possible. Quite often, stock photography is used but this is often of poor quality and produced with little care or love. If you want your customers to be excited about what you sell, you have to make the effort to show them that you’re excited about it, too. Commissioning a location or studio-based photoshoot to produce a set of beautiful images of your product line is the way to do that.


Product photography for e-commerce website by Stephen Cole, commercial photographer based in Kent


Stephen has photographed thousands of items of product through his career, from fancy shoes to high-end bags to carpentry tools to jewellery to office supplies and much more. Whether it’s a traditional studio shoot to produce individual catalogue-style shots of each product or advertising-style “lifestyle” images of the product in use, Stephen would deliver the images you need in order to sell your stuff.

If you’re looking to create a new website for your business or are launching a new product line and need to produce marketing literature, call Stephen on 01622 807867 or 07581 143145 for a chat about how a professional product photoshoot could benefit you and help you acheive your sales goals.

Please take a moment to browse Stephen’s Product Photography portfolio to get a feel for the kind of imagery that you could soon be using.


Product photography for manufacturer's business website by Stephen Cole, commercial photographer based in Kent